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What Is Home Health Care?

Home health care is a type of medical care that’s rendered at home. Provided by medical professionals, it encompasses a range of programs and services that are aimed at helping an individual regain self-sufficiency, increase function and mobility, and treat medical conditions for an improved quality of life. This care is considered more convenient and affordable compared to the type of service offered by medical facilities and institutions and just as effective.

Who Can Avail of Home Health Services?

Anyone – this includes seniors, individuals with disabilities, those that just had surgery, those suffering from major injuries, and everyone with health challenges that prevent them from living a life of their choosing.

What Services Are Included in Home Health Care?

Depending on your home health care provider, the services range from personal care assistance to skilled nursing services. These are the current services we offer at Allset Home-Health:

Our integrated home health care services can come with 24/7 care, a set of health professionals that we match you with according to your needs and preferences, and immeasurable assistance and support to your physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.

How Can I Avail of Home Health Care?

At Allset Home-Health, we make sure that the starting process is easy and convenient. If you think you are ready to start receiving home health care services, you can schedule your assessment so we, together with your loved ones and primary health providers, can discuss in detail the care plan you wish to have. Once everything is settled, our care team can start providing you these services.

When Can I Start/Stop Availing of Home Health Care Services?

Anytime! It doesn’t have a set starting or ending period. Depending on your needs and circumstances, you can avail of home health care whenever. During your assessment, our team can work with you and your family regarding the goals you wish to achieve and the time frame you would want your care to last.

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