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Providing you ease and comfort while you recuperate at home

Have you ever noticed your loved one neglecting their household duties or self-care tasks recently? This isn’t to say they are being purposely lazy or unmotivated. Maybe your loved one just cannot do these activities anymore because of a current health condition, mobility issues, and other factors.

If this happens, you can call on nursing aides, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Geriatric Nursing Assistants, who can ensure that your loved one remains in top shape while they continue staying at home. These assistants are supervised by Licensed Registered Nurses and are expected to help in most daily living activities for the client’s comfort and safety.

Our nurse aide services include:

  • Personal care services (link to own page)
  • Companionship (link to Companionship/Sitter Services page)
  • Household management tasks (link to Light Housekeeping page)
  • Mobility and transfer
  • Safety awareness
  • Documentation of health reports
  • Guidance of using patient-handling devices
  • Updates sent to family members
  • And more

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